Welcome to World African Arts for education. The purpose is to promote visual and performing arts of the African diaspora (African people dispersed throughout the world, particularly the western hemisphere). African American artists integrate performances and workshops of contemporary and traditional African heritage. Institutional and community-based programming are offered for children and adults. The programs provide an opportunity to study, learn, restore and perform storytelling, dance and music.

The general idea is to present, educate, and promote African culture and folklore worldwide. Participating artists organize and perform to enhance  traditions, advance social cohesiveness and collaboration among differing cultures, and strive to work towards and maintain world harmony, balance, and peace.

 A priority is the research and study of stories, language, music, dance and folkloric art forms that have been denied, lost, stolen and strayed as a result of the African holocaust (the forced wars and migration upon African people from the 14th through the 19th centuries). Many of these art forms  have a beneficial impact because they bring fulfillment, insight, inspiration, understanding, pride, and love.

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