Students will be engaged in reading, writing, listening and telling stories that originate from African people in Africa, the Caribbean and the United states. Students will practice identifying themes, main idea, parts of a story, and moral. Students will practice vocal projection, enunciation, various characterizations, and eloquent behavior. Students will practice speaking African words and phrases. The geography, food, lifestyle, dress, and other values in the cultures of the stories will be discussed. Students may be instructed in songs and movement (dance) as a compliment to the stories. Each session would be 30 to 45 minutes for primary grades, and 45 to 60 minutes for 5th grade and up. Available as a one-time workshop, or as a series to occur over several weeks. Students that excel in behavior and ability will be encouraged to perform for faculty, peers, and special events. Watch Kunama's K-3rd grade after school class:

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