Kunama began his professional career in storytelling when he founded the storytelling duo called TAIFA in 1981. He has been featured throughout the United States, including the National Storytelling Festival, National Black Storytelling Festival, St. Louis Storytelling Festival, Las Vegas Storytelling Festival, Magical Folktales of Houston, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, and hundreds of  schools, libraries, museums, churches as well as other special events.

Kunama began performing storytelling with music and dance solo in 2001, and has continued being a  featured presenter of African and African American folklore. He specializes in the folklore of the African Diaspora (people of African descent historically dispersed through the world, especially Africa, the Americas, and the Caribbean). His original stories are
written to preserve an understanding of historical events, and his unique arrangements honor the tradition of African, African American, and Caribbean stories and songs.

There are stories for all occasions and a story may be specifically crafted for a special event on request. Some stories are featured at certain times of the year to coincide with the seasons' celebrations, such as fall harvest festivals, Kwanzaa celebrations, African / African American history celebrations, etc.

Kunama accompanies his storytelling performances with drums, flutes, shekere (gourd rattle), songs and audience participation which often includes a social dance for children, administrators, teachers and parents to participate.

Three recordings are available: "All About Pride", "Stories From The Heart", and "Black Pioneers, Hunters & Warriors".

To order, call (314) 443-5153, or write kunamadaji@yahoo.com .


One of Kunama's mentors, the renowned dancer anthropologist writer Katherine Dunham, passed away May 21, 2006. Her contributions are tremendous. Kunama has written a special poem to her and displays one of her beautiful pictures. Click Mama Katherine below to view it.
........................................MAMA KATHERINE

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